Thursday, 12 May 2016

The bearded lady (or, portrait of a chicken)

Meet Lille Pi - the lady with the Santa Claus beard :-)

Despite being named after mathematics, she isn't the cleverest of the bunch. This is the hen who will stand in the corner of the coop desperately wanting to join the others who are on the outside of the fence enjoying a bit of freedom - totally oblivious to the fact that the door to the coop is about two feet to her right. 

Her favourite pastime is digging for earthworms, preferably in the company of her bossy older sister Hønesigne (who is never in any doubt about where the gate to freedom is). 

Lille Pi is sometimes to be found napping in the shade under the hedge. She is the most adorable little hen and although a bit shy will sometimes let you pick her up for a bit of cuddling.