Thursday, 12 February 2015

See you in a few hours

We are out to dinner. I have time to blog; my sister wants to stay here all night. And we might need a full five hours to sample all the stuff they have here.... Good thing I brought clothes with elastic waistbands :-)

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

In good health

There's a medicine shop across the road. They've got this one on display. When I asked if it was plant or animal, they told me half&half. I will go back tomorrow and find out what it's good for....

The selfie stick-less sister

Today we do Victoria Peak. This is not entirely without risks. Having witnessed how they fix the tracks in between trams we were squashed to a pulp as fierce tourists showed no mercy in the battle of Getting a Window Seat. More pics to follow, but we made it to the top and successfully navigated the forest of selfie sticks without getting poked (much) ��

Monday, 9 February 2015

My car is disastrously under-decorated

The Chinese New Year is approaching. The year of the goat is just around the corner. This may or may not be the inspiration for these cars...

We have been shopping for food. The fish did not come home with us, but a giant Happy New Year apple did

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Airport vignette II

Complimentary literature at the gate. When I get home I'll be so slim you won't be able to recognise me....

PS "Schlank-Trick" is on the list of new favourite words. Obviously. 

Airport vignette

I was up before 4AM this morning

I've had a latte and a bagel with salmon and cream cheese

And the lady in the chair next to me is reading a book with the title "Winter Kartoffel Knödel"

...and I'm booked on a plane to the Far East. Things could be worse. Welcome back to the blog :-)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Julekort 2014

Kære bloglæser

Viggo Marsvin og jeg vil gerne ønske dig en dejlig Jul.

Vi har haft en travl december, og et travlt efterår i det hele taget (hvilket tydeligt kan ses på blog-frekvensen heromkring).  Der har været fly der skulle flyves på, venner der skulle hjælpes, fester der skulle holdes, mennesker der blev syge og derefter raske igen, venner der skulle krammes på (altid til tjeneste), alle mulige ting der skulle ordnes og en hel del arbejde der kaldte.

Men nu har Julefreden sænket sig i det lille hjem.  Juletræet kom i hus men stod et par dage med kraftige tårn-i-Pisa-tendenser før min far kom til undsætning med en sav. Jeg overvejer nu at tage et gør-det-selv-kursus, så mine katastrofale evner udi værktøjs-betvingelse kan bringes lidt mere i overensstemmelse med mit selvbillede som Selvstændigt Menneske. Nogen der ved hvor den slags afholdes?  (NB - er fuldt ud i stand til at checke olie samt skifte pærer på Lille Blå. Bare lige så I ikke tror jeg er helt ubehjælpsom. Det er udelukkende når det kommer til hammer, sav, boremaskiner, vaterpas, skruer, skævbidere, osv. osv. osv. at den er gal. Men den er så til gengæld også hiel' gal')

Nå. Det var et sidespring. Julefreden har som sagt sænket sig; der er portvin i glasset, Julefilm i non-stop rotation på DVD'en, samtlige gaver er indkøbt (wo-hoo), og jeg har kun fået en lille smule mavepine af at gnaske rå småkagedej.

Med andre ord:

fra Viggo og Tine

My dear friend,

Christmas greetings from Viggo the Guinea Pig and me!

This has been a somewhat whirlwindy December - well, the entire autumn has been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest.  There were flights to take, new cities to be conquered (or re-visited), friends who needed a hand, people who became ill and then got well again (yay), parties to be held, and attended, friends who needed a hug or a friendly ear (at your service, any time), loads of stuff to do, and lots of work to be done.  (... aaaand lather, rinse, repeat)

But now, finally, Christmas is here. It took longer than usual for me to get the tree decorated - it stood in my room for a few days, leaning at a rather unhealthy angle, before my dad came to the rescue with a saw.  I am now seriously considering signing up for a DIY-course (if I can find one) so my lack of skills with a saw/screwdriver/drill/any tool you can think of will stop interfering with my self-image as an independent young woman...

Anyway. I digress. Christmas is here! I have a great port wine on the go, my TV is showing Christmas movies non-stop, I baked cookies (and only got a teeny tiny tummy ache from eating raw cookie dough), AND I've bought all the presents.

In other words:


from Viggo and Tine