Sunday, 31 July 2016

Summer holiday 2016 - crunching the numbers

Bottles consumed: ten, give or take - mostly wine but also a rum that tastes of sugar canes and cabana boys 
Cigarettes smoked: far too many 
Hearts broken: 1
Hearts mended: 0.25 (rough estimate, but making progress)
Handsome men snogged: 1 (not the heartbreaker I hasten to add)
Indecent proposals received: 3-4, depending on definition 
Kilos shed: maybe 4, not sure as I don't own a pair of scales (and I haven't been dieting) but let's just say a certain pair of jeans now fit me again 
Nights spent sleeping outside: 2, plus a couple of all-nighters with no sleep 
Cleaning rampages: 2; still recovering from the last one
Trips taken: 1, and I must say that large cars and business class travel really suit me rather well
Resolutions made: more travel to be done in autumn; I bloody well deserve it
Massages had: 2, and more are in the calendar 
Haircuts: 1
Eyebrows plucked: 2, obviously- it still astonishes me that I pay good money to have pain inflicted on myself but it looks much better than my DIY attempts 
Cups of coffee consumed: not many; I ran out at the beginning of summer and only just got round to replenishing stocks 
Flower bouquets received: 1, and it came at just the right time (thank you, S)