Friday, 9 May 2014

Things I did when I wasn't here

Happy Friday!!

I nicked this pic off a friend's facebook page. Totally without asking.

'S because she's doing the same thing as me, but in more stylish surroundings. Drinking red wine on a Friday night. I'm totally doing that too. Only difference is, I'm in my living room at home, out in the sticks and therefore not able to go anywhere, whereas she is in a fancy bar.  Oh yeah, and she is in the company of good friends whereas I'm in the company of -well, me.  But that's not bad company at all.

So, happy Friday. And have a lovely weekend y'all (I must be tipsy. Otherwise I would never write "y'all", fo sho. Also, I'd never write "fo sho")

Yeah. I'm definitely going to bed soon :-)


N said...

And this will soon be me! Just finished up my last day in my old department and am sooo looking forward to starting my new job in my new department on Monday!

The Blogless Sister said...

Yay, exciting!!! good luck!

PS - I miss the sports bar tonight ...