Sunday, 5 October 2014


Så længe jeg kan huske har min familie fået FDM's medlemsmagasin "Motor" - og så længe jeg kan huske (også længe inden jeg selv blev bilejer) har min absolutte favoritlæsning været Brevkassen. Tæt efterfulgt af Ventilen, hvor harmdirrende bilister opfordrer De Andre til at bruge langlyset korrekt, holde til højre på motorvejen, osv.

Talrige glade stunder har jeg tilbragt med at læse om synsfri sammenkobling, motorvejstilladelser i Albanien, og vigtigheden af korrekt dæktryk. Det er ikke alt der hænger lige godt ved - faktisk alt for lidt - men det mindsker ikke fryden.

Og man kan få svar på ALT - således også hvorfor det ikke er tilladt at montere et "melodiøst fanfarehorn" selv om et sådant ellers ville klæde ens vogn utroligt godt.

Til ære for dem, der skulle føle sig fristet, kan jeg jvf nedenstående oplyse at bødetaksten er tusind kroner.  Men om det vil være så velegnet til at fange ungpigers opmærksomhed, at man vurderer, at det ville være dét værd - det vil jeg lade være op til den enkelte ...

@ N ~ as you know, I like to read. All kinds of things.  Including the small print on the bottles of cleaning liquids people often keep stashed next to the loo, if I need to be there for some time.

One of my favourites is the Q&A section in the magazine published by the Danish equivalent of the AAA organisation. Even before I had my own car I would happily read all the questions and answers about tow hooks, correct tyre pressure, and road licenses in Albania. The information you can glean is priceless - sadly, not much of it sticks in my head but that does not dampen my enthusiasm.

This one was a bit cute. The question goes: "it would really suit my car with a melodious horn for festive occasions. What is the fine for this, and why is it not allowed?"

Incidentally and only slightly off-topic, this reminds me of this sign from a Japanese car rental company that I once saw in a book about us foreigners grappling with the English language: "If a passenger of foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet melodiously at first but if he still obstacles your passage then tootle with vigour"

Evidently, the person who sent in this question would like to be able to trumpet melodiously - alas, the fine for this is DKK1,000 (around $170). The legal person answering the question ventures a guess that it is illegal because the purpose of a car horn is to warn other drivers of imminent danger - not attracting the attention of young ladies.

Thus, we must content ourselves with "tootling with vigour", it would seem.  As to whether or not a "melodious trumpeting" would attract sufficient female attention to justify the fine, I really cannot say...

Last but not least, here is a picture of the blogging process. If you think that my blog posts have become rather irregular - well, let me say in my defense that the writing process does have certain obstacles of its own.... :-)

Who can work with this cuteness being in the way??

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N said...

With that much cuteness in the, I definitely can see the difficulty in getting to the keyboard! Cuddles to Vigo from auntie N!