Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I eftermiddags vandrede jeg fra tog til bil (skriver "vandrede" med vilje - når jeg møder sent, er de gode pladser ved stationen taget). I en busk sad der en solsort, som sang og kvidrede for fuld lydstyrke; den havde helt åbenbart en del på hjerte, som bare måtte deles med hele verden før solen gik ned og den skulle være stille helt til i morgen.

Da jeg gik forbi busken, hovedet helt drejet af led for at kigge på den fjerede jukebox, mødte jeg en pige. I en meget, meget kort stund mødtes vores blik, og vi smilede til hinanden, og jeg vidste, og hun vidste, at vi begge to var helt vilde med at der var en solsort, og at vejret var lunt, og at foråret er på vej, og at der var en anden person, som tænkte lige præcis det samme.

Det er så dejligt, når der er nogen, som tænker lige præcis det samme som mig.

Og sådan kan andre mennesker - som ellers, i det offentlige rum, kan fylde meget mere end hvad der synes rimeligt, set fra mit lille museperspektiv - på småbitte måder være til stor glæde og fornøjelse.

@ N ~ ach, it's been an unproductive night. I fell into the youtube trap. Which I've done quite a lot, lately. There's good stuff to be found there. I like the TED talks - seen any of them?  And I find music videos for songs I liked years and years ago (sometimes, I still like them). And I find Southwest's rapping flight attendant, and I find a short TV series called Bletchley Circle, and I find gardening TV. And now I find myself here, on the sofa, it's gone 10PM and I wanted to write to you because, dang, it's been a while, hasn't it.

I've done my taxes for the year, and it seems I am due a refund. Yay me. And yay you, because it seems like it will be enough to fund a ticket to America in the fall.  Not sure when. I'm thinking September-early October, because the weather would probably still be nice, warm, but not overwhelmingly hot.  - But then I start thinking, no, it should be around Halloween, because then I can see some real trick-or-treaters, and go to a haunted house, and eat pumpkin pie. And then, then I think, nonono, around Thanksgiving, so I can eat a turkey, and look into the heart of the American family (I can surely find a family who will take me in for the day) as they settle around the TV after dinner - and experience Black Friday. From a safe distance, of course. So many choices. So little time.  So much to look forward to.

But before I go to America, I'm going to England on a spring trip. Long weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't been there for a couple of years, or is it three?, and I miss the Tube, double decker buses, Ps and Qs, fish and chips, oh, and pints and ploughman's lunches. And church spires, and ancient buildings, and driving on the left, and the English countryside. It will be quite wonderful, I'm sure.

Today, when I walked from the train station to my car, there was a blackbird singing. Not just singing, singING. It had so much it wanted to say before sunset. Probably about the spring time, and about the nest it was planning on building, and about how we're halfway through the working week already. It was a joy to listen to. And then a girl was walking towards me, and as we passed, our eyes met and we smiled at each other. We were both thinking the same thing: - I heart birdsong, I heart spring time, I heart random strangers thinking the exact same thing as me at the exact same moment. There is nothing better than blackbirds singing.

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