Sunday, 3 March 2013


Et sikkert forårstegn er, når man lader terassedøren stå åben og få minutter senere har besøg af en eller flere nabokatte.

Et andet sikkert forårstegn er når man kan komme i tanker om andre ting, man har lyst til, end bare at ligge på sofaen.


@N ~ spring has sprung here in Denmark. Very good timing; it actually sprang on Friday, March 1st, but I was stuck in the office so only got a whiff of it while I waited for the train home.

Yesterday was chilly and windy, but today it's lovely again. Neighbour cat paid me a visit to let me know it's time to end the winter hiatus.

I grabbed the Kodak moment and this is my interpretation of "Statue of Liberty feat. Cat"

Enjoy your SUNday :-)

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