Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Altså, SÅ træt var jeg jo ikke. Jeg skulle bare lige lukke øjnene et øjeblik, mens jeg sad i toget....

Kan dog ikke udelukke, at det var mig der kunne observeres med armene fulde af taske, indkøb, bog, frakke OG sko - elegant landende på perronen i strømpefødder eksaktemang to sekunder før togets døre blev lukket.

Det er godt nok længe siden, jeg er kommet ud af toget så hurtigt. Det er også længe siden, jeg har sagt pispispispispis så mange gange efter hinanden i fuld offentlighed. Men jeg nåede det! :-)

@ N ~  aaah, that time of the year again. Where I don't read on the train, I sleep. Heavily. Today, I woke up when the train was actually at the station (and it's not like Amtrak where you have 10 minutes to get out, stretch your legs, smoke cigarettes and make friends with the locals before you have to board the train again - they only stop for about 1-2 minutes or so).

I broke all my own speed records, gathering up coat, bag, shopping, book, AND boots before I sprinted out of the train and landed on the platform (good thing it wasn't raining) two seconds before the doors started closing.  Very, very elegant.  I was a little disappointed that the few passengers on the platform didn't give me a round of applause as I sat there pulling on my boots and catching my breath.

I've had a week off work.  It was BRILLIANT, I tell ya.  Last Monday was my birthday, as you remembered :-)   - and it was really stormy weather (65 mph). But as I had the day off, I was snug and warm in my cozy little house  (good timing, too, as the trains stopped running late in the afternoon).

Wednesday I went to Copenhagen and a friend of mine got me tipsy on excellent red wine.  Thursday I slept late, then met a friend I haven't seen in about 7 years, and in the evening my sister and I + two friends went to see the Quite Awesome Amanda Palmer in concert - she totally rocked.  Went home on Friday, and did pretty much nada on the weekend. 

Now I'm back at work; we're really busy but my mojo is really good at the moment so I'm actually enjoying myself, believe it or not.  I hope I haven't jinxed it now ...

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