Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas - TOTALLY on track. Ahem.

So. This is how far I am with my "calendar candle" as they're called here in Denmark. Rather symptomatic for how far I am with most things actually. 

And since there aren't many things worse than December stress (at least, not on the petty level) I have decided that some things probably just won't happen this year. Gingerbread house for example (*sniffles*). Home made glögg (mulled wine). Lots of my other optional extras. 

There WILL be an awesome tree, of course. And I've actually written some Christmas cards and while there is a fair bit of ground to cover between the writing and the actual posting of them - talking from experience here - they're sitting in my bag which means I probably *will* get around to sending them - on the 19th or thereabouts...

But the other stuff I usually enjoy making and doing will happen strictly on an only-if-I-really-do-have-the-time basis. Instead I will make a decent effort to consume a lovely bottle of port I have sitting here ('sgonna be a tough job), bake a batch of my favourite Xmas cookies without eating all the dough raw ('sgonna be even tougher) and just sit back and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year. Yup. 

PS. Yeah. Been busy lately. As you probably guessed. 

PPS Viggo says hi. There is always time for piggie cuddles :-)

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