Monday, 16 November 2009

Ever so cool?

Good evening.

So. Am I the coolest thing on the blog or what? Or have I given the impression that my online-life is so fascinating that people actually want to spy on it? Or, am I just trying desperately to be young with the young 'uns? One can never tell for sure, but:

I have a pending friend request. On facebook. The person requesting my friendship is none other than (steady now) my boyfriend's son's girlfriend. (And no. That does not make her my daughter-in-law. At least for that, I am way too cool) She is actually the sweetest girl you can imagine, clever, pretty, smart, sorta streetwise and the kind of girl I was definitely not cool enough to be friends with when I was her age. Nowadays, the coolness factor doesn't really count anymore, older&wiser that I am.

Still, there is no real social etiquette for these things. Not yet. We're still grappling with mobiles and the unwritten rules for when and where they can be used but should perhaps go to voicemail ("should I take this call or will everyone else on the bus feel annoyed that I'm sharing my lousy STD stories with them?").

But I purchased a book on these things (social etiquette 2009) last week and am reading it on the bus (when the girl sitting behind me isn't ruining my concentration because I really want to hear who-gave-her-what before it's my stop. I kid you not, and it's not even 8 in the morning.), so with a bit of luck, I'll have my answer by tomorrow evening. So far, I've covered weather talk and pub talk. Am sure there's a "do's and dont's of FaceBook" in there somewhere.

See you in the funny papers

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Pernille said...

haha, Tine årh manner alle de nye dejlige situationer du kan lande i totalt uden regler for social etikette. It'll be great fun!