Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Guess what I did this weekend

I was on a train. For two whole days! THE EMPIRE BUILDER (Amtrak sure know how to name a route) between Portland OR and Chicago IL. I met a one-armed man, a nice elderly couple with a son on an army base, a truck drive who didn't want to pay his taxes, a mennonite couple, a professor, a gay dining car waiter, a lounge car attendant named Spiro (Greek), and loads of other people.

I also saw lots of lovely scenery. And took many, many photos. All that remains now is... choosing how many to upload.   ...    See you in a couple of weeks :-)


Pernille said...

årh! Det lyder fantastisk, Tine.

Kari said...

Udover den halve søsterboble lyder det helt perfekt. Men jeg glæder mig altså til at få dig hjem igen!

myletterstoemily said...

what a fun adventure you're enjoying!

what country are you from?

i never imagine that people from other
nations want to come here, because we
always want to travel THERE!

have fun in chicago. it's beautiful.

TBS said...

@myletterstoemily - hello! And, may I add - Welcome!

I'm from Denmark and recently had the pleasure of spending a month working in Portland. I've been to the States before but only for 7-10 days at a time so it was great with a long stay for a change. And spending 2 days on a train truly makes you appreciate!! Wonderful, too!

Hopefully I'll pull myself together and post a few photos soon :-)