Sunday, 18 April 2010

What I did this weekend

Rebooking people to flights which then got cancelled, so I rebooked the people again a few days later and then those flights were cancelled, so then we booked a rental car and when they showed up to pick up the car there were no cars because the companies have more or less lost track of where their cars are right now; they're flitting across Europe on oneway rentals, so the travellers took a taxi and got on a train - standing room only - and then they spent a night in a hotel and then they were lucky enough to get a car and at first, I had to tell them to drop the car just south of the border between Denmark and Germany because Danish citizens are not allowed to drive foreign cars into Denmark and the fines are huge if they get "caught" doing it, but fortunately Skat (which does not, in this context, mean Darling - or Treasure - but Customs&Excise) have made an exception so it is allowed at the moment, and now they are back in Denmark, halleluja, only a few hundred more to go, or perhaps a few thousand. Really, I couldn't say how many people are stranded here and there. But we're doing what we can to get them home and with a bit of luck, most of them will be back soon.

Really, Eyjafjall - I'd rather be gardening.

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Ibs said...

Årh mand, hvor askeskyen sucker for vildt!