Friday, 2 April 2010


Some people call me the Christmas Nazi because I have very firm ideas about how it should be done. Nowt wrong with opinions, I say (but it's probably a good thing that I don't have children. They'd decorate the tree all wrong...)  But really, I am a very peaceful, mellow person - I just like the Holidays. And that includes Easter too. This time of year, I'm all about the eggs, bunnies, chickens, and of course the classical Danish Easter Brew (beer, strong, interesting effect if consumed in vast quantities)

So I put up a few decorations for Easter; my mum has always done it so of course I thought "everybody" did but apparently that's not the case. I have to admit, it's less...elaborate than my Christmas decorations; the good thing about that is that it takes much less time to put up (and, of course, take down again).  The most important part is the Easter Tree (apologies in advance for poor photo quality, it must be the camera) which is basically just 10-12 short branches from the local park in a vase. After a few days inside where it's nice and warm, they think it's really spring and the leaves come out.  I decorate them with some wooden Easter eggs I got from my mum.

(The "table" is a sub woofer. Although the boyfriend loves the
decorations, he is not too happy that he's not allowed to play very loud
music while the Easter tree is sitting there. We all have to
make sacrifices...)

The Easter tree in my hallway - I put it up yesterday so no green
leaves on this one yet

I have another sign outside that says "EASTER". Just in case the neighbours didn't know.
It's a little service I provide

The coat rack. Handy for when you run out of places to put flowers.
And even though there's also a thick winter coat and a woolen
hat in the photo, it is spring. It's just my boyfriend who hails from a
place about 4,000 kilometers further south who thinks the temperature
should be a lot higher before winter garments are stored away.

And just look at these - in a months time, these will (hopefully) be ready to go out in the garden! It's been raining here so the only gardening I've done this Easter is filling some flowerpots with pansies and tiny daffodils. I'm champing at the bit!

Happy Easter!

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