Saturday, 3 April 2010


Dear boyfriend and I went for a walk in the woods today. Risskov (a forest near Aarhus) is warming up to The Great Stench, which is the time of year the ramsons ("wild garlic") flower. It's not quite there yet, but the leaves are up and we picked a big bunch of them. They will end up in our dinner tonight (um... it's after 9pm now, late dinner) and the plan is to put them into an Iranian dish, thus combining the Persian and Nordic cuisines in a very modern fusionist way. If it's a success, I'll share - otherwise, the next post will be titled "And now for something completely different"

It was lovely and green (in a month's time it will be even greener) - windy out by the coast, but a bit further into the woods it was nice and quite warm. And there was a tiny pond, with quacking ducks and everything. The kind of pond where suddenly you hear a disturbing stream of bubbles and then a dead body floats to the surface...A woman's body, deathly pale, blue lips, long flowing hair and clad in a white dress.  Uh, sca-a-a-ry!

But no dead bodies today, everything peaceful and green, see:

OK, this snowdrop was not in the little pond, but very close by.
(note to self, perhaps import some bulbs to own garden?)

And then we went all self-sufficient and went hunting for food. A big shopping bag full of ramsons, but there's still plenty left over for all the fancy chefs for whom ramsons are a big part of The New Nordic Cuisine. And for me - just another bag or two...

Look, food!

Yesterday, I made my contribution to Integration in DK. That sounds impressive, doesn't it? A citizen pulling her weight. *ahem* Actually, it was a playdate. A new friend (love immigrant from Australia), copious amounts of butter, maple syrup, sugar and cinnamon which we teased into The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls, a stack of DVD's, Pepsi Max, and a guinea pig named Hampus proved to be the ingredients for a perfect Good Friday. Making new friends is one of my favourite things!! :-)

PW's cinnamon rolls are sooooo good by the way. I instantly wanted to become a Catholic, just so I could go to confession. "Forgive me Father for I have sinned and it has been 20 cinnamon rolls since my last confession"  -Of course, 10-rosaries-and-all-is-forgiven won't stop them from ending up on my thighs.

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