Monday, 11 January 2010

All ze men in ze vørld

I once read that Joan Collins (or some such celebrity) was of the opinion that all women need not one, but 5 (f-i-v-e) men in their lives.  One goodlooking, well-groomed one for going to parties with (duh, they all need to be goodlooking don't they), one handyman for fixing things round the house, one "friendly" guy, ie the type you can stay up all night and talk to, one that's great in bed, and - obviously - a rich one.  To keep up the maintenance of the woman + the other guys I guess.

Phwoarh. 5 men.  It's like the partridge in the pear tree that I'm so very fond of, and we all know what happened to Agnes.  And the sheer logistics of it - where to keep them all!  I live with one guy, and that's quite enough sharing of my personal space thank-you-very-much.

At time of writing, the one-and-only-person-I-currently-share-address-and-newspapers with is on the sofa, downloading music. Which takes forevah, because he wants to download this one song but then he has to listen to the entire album to see if there's anything else he likes, and I'll be all whiny and "but you promised we'd go to bed early" (hoping, of course, he'll magically turn into one of Joan's archetypes and I don't mean the all-night-conversations one) and he'll be all "geroffmybacksillywoman" and so here I am, blogging to no one in particular.  Any minute now he'll say a fart joke, whoah, the fun we have around here :-)  But it's not a bad evening because I've been a little paragon of virtue and cooked dinner for tonight and tomorrow and as a reward I'm now sipping red wine. Also because I didn't have any Diet Coke.  As I normally drink very little alcohol, it instantly goes to my head, and if I had hair to let down, this would be an instance of doing so.  I am very much in favour of getting tipsy on schoolnights (now why do I still call it that when I left school 10 years ago?). 

Nevermind. I'm signing off before I disclose any more naughty, repent-worthy thoughts that I'll later regret writing about. And while I totally get you, Mrs Collins, I am secretly relieved that there's only the one guy to put up with

Oh by the way - this is what I'm listening to tonight:


Signe said...

Så meget som min mand roder, ville jeg nu nok heller ikke ønske mig ret meget mere end én - som så ind imellem bare kunne transformere sig til arketyperne....

TBS said...

Nej vel - de FYLDER meget.

(det gør vi jo slet slet ikke)