Saturday, 13 October 2012

I Havn

Endelig hjemmeweekend! Blev sendt en anelse til tælling i dag af kramper + gnavenhed, så aflyste alle planer og dedikerede denne lørdag til sofa, vattæpper, varme drikke og tudefilm.

Det hjalp.

Og så hjalp det også lidt at kigge alle billederne fra sidste weekends visit på Færøerne igennem. Men  kom jeg i tanker om, at jeg burde udvælge nogle af dem og vise til jer - og så blev jeg ganske træt igen og måtte lige have en lille lur på sofaen.

Heldigvis har I jo været med til konfirmation på Færøerne før. Hvis I missede det dengang, så klik lige HER og se, hvordan basis-opskriften på sådan en affære er.

Hvad jeg ikke nåede i fjor, var at besøge Tórshavn - så der skal vi hen i dag.

*** advarsel: foto spam. hvis bygninger og landskaber ikke lige er 
din kop te, må vi hellere ses en anden dag ***

@ N ~ finally got round to looking through the six-hundred-odd photos we took last weekend.  My sister came with me to the Faroe Islands, and when we went out for a drive, I handed her my camera and instructed her to point-and-click, which she duly did.

Fortunately, she fell in love with the place as much as I did the first time I came, so it was a joy to have her along - - but it did also mean we have an incredible amount of "oh look there's a mountain and it's pretty" and "look, a sheep! and another one" shots.

Last time I went, I posted these pictures.  This time, I'm steering clear of the cakes (trust me, there were just as many) , instead taking you on a little walk through the old part of Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

TINGANES - Wikipedia translates it to "parliament
point" or something along those lines, which is about
accurate. It was the site of the old Ting (which means
parliament) and was founded in 825, 
again according to our friend Wikipedia.

The beautiful old houses are still home to the
Faroese parliament and local government:

I peered through the windows to the PM's office,
but he wasn't there :-)

My sister and our two local guides bravely
ventured out to this tiny, deserted island.
(It will declare its independence any day now ... :-)

Lovely entrance, lovely lamp post, lovely building

Old Claus Poulsen really knew what he did
when he built it back in 1750  (this sign hangs over
the door, not visible in the picture above)

We spent some quality time here with our two
very competent local guides

Something about this place makes you
want to JUMP and be HAPPY!

View back towards the city. Look at me sitting
there, pleased as punch

More pretty buildings

I think some lucky person actually lives here (I mean,
I don't think this house is a public building, even
thought it is right next to the red houses you
see in the pictures above)

We're not at Tinganes anymore...

Awww, look at the puffin :-)  
(of course, when I look at it, I invariably think
"yum, dinner. tiny little drumsticks". Spending time
in the Faroes does that to a person)

- And now for something completely different. Oceans&Islands:

This last photo here is of a small village called
Gásadalur. A tunnel was opened in 2006, so now
you can drive here. It takes 10 minutes from my friends'
house, if you don't make too many Kodak stops.

When I started coming to the Faroe Islands in 2002,
I didn't visit this village.  I could have taken a helicopter
I guess, but for many years, the only way
of getting here was by boat (see how far down
the ocean actually is), or by walking across the mountain
-which the postman did twice a week.
And now, as I said - ten minutes' drive....

2006: rest of world is connected to Gásadalur.
These people truly amaze me.

Oh, and the second last picture - the island you can
see in the background is the westernmost island in
the Faroes. It's called Mykines, and last time I asked,
it had a population of 9. Nine.

My friend's dad has a house there. When they all go,
the population doubles or triples...

Have a lovely weekend!

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