Saturday, 27 February 2010

It's aliiiiiive...

I'm still here. "Here" is just a tad further West than it normally is. And out West, they work longer hours in general - and I have in particular, because otherwise it can be difficult to keep up with The Office back home.

The Office whisked me off to the US on short notice, leaving Boyfriend and Guinea Pig behind. They're both in good health and holding the fort without me, by the way.

People told me to take lots of photos, which I've tried to - but do you have any idea how difficult it is to take pictures when you're driving without putting yourself, the rental car or other people at risk? So, there are pictures, but I haven't actually seen them yet and I'll bet you anything that 90% of them will be blurred and Unsuitable for Upload. We'll see. I also need to go hunting for Pixie Stix and Twizzlers, and does anyone want some canola oil?

During the week, it's all been work-work-work, 830am to 5-6pm, and sometimes in the evenings as well. So, I am very behind on sightseeing, but it is kind of nice to be here and not be a tourist if you know what I mean.

Status update: rain today. All day. But still no glittering vampires to be seen.

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