Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Thoughts of the day, so far

1) I wonder what kind of person gets up in the morning and thinks, "it's Tuesday - let's kick it off with a bit of Synthesizer Greatest"

(when I heard "Crockett's Theme" on the radio while driving to the train station)

2) This is going to be a long day

(when I realized I'm wearing the pantyhose-that-travels-south today. Why oh why did I not just throw them out last time???)

3) Oh, come on already - it's May!!!

(when I heard the hyperactive commuter boy humming "Deck the halls" really loudly at the station. I don't mind the humming, even at 06:45AM; just not Christmas songs please)

4) Wa-hey - it's May!!!

(when I realized I didn't feel chilly while waiting for the train this morning).

Ah yes, May Madness.  Quite different from the March Madness, but no less wonderful.

Have a great day!


Ibs said...

Really!? An off season for Christmas songs!? YOU!?!?

The Blogless Sister said...

Aye :-)