Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Orleans

Udtales ikke [nju orleens] men nærmere [nawlins]. Fantastisk by!! Fuld af sjove butikker, fede huse og dejlig atmosfære. Har ikke indkøbt voodoo-dimser, har til gengæld indtaget beignets og en virkelig god sandwich med det spektakulære navn MUFFULETTA

@N - I'm on the same continent as you!! A bit far away, but if you look towards the southeast, you should be able to see me wave. N.O. is an amazing city; I wouldn't mind coming back and staying a bit longer.

There's a Muffuletta in my stomach and a po' boy in my stomach, and tonight we're going out for some jazz :-)

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N said...

I'm sooooo jealous!! Visiting NOLA is on my bucket list...just haven't accomplished it yet. By the way, if you are there for a bit longer, you should go to the candle shop we visited while you were in Portland. The owners moved back to NOLA and are running the shop there. F&F Botanica Spiritual Supply 801 North Broad St. New Orleans, LA 12345