Saturday, 15 December 2012

A song on the radio

There are many wonderful things about Little Blue Car, not least the car stereo. It has (wait for it...) a cassette deck! Yes!  I reckon it must have been one of the last ones Renault had on the shelf back in 1999 when LBC was born, because as far as I can remember, CD's were all the rage back then.

I don't care; I always listen to the radio anyway when I'm driving, and LBC has the added bonus of a radio control handle by the steering wheel, so I can indulge in some serious channel hopping when I'm out.

And I sing. Along. Loudly. Not prettily, and never ever if there is anyone in the car with me. LBC is very much a solo vehicle.

Anyways, at the moment it's mostly Christmas songs  -  surprise  -  but just in case you're sick of those and want to listen to something else, these were the songs that made me turn the volume all the way up last week (and sing very loud, but fortunately, you don't need to suffer that).

Asaf Avidan - One day

Spleen United (feat. Knud Romer) - From Sunset to Sunset (sorry, couldn't find a proper music video to go with it. But it's the energy and the rhythm I like. Good for when you're cleaning, for example)

Vinnie Who - How can I be sure

Amanda Palmer - The Killing Type (nb - do not watch the video if you're squeamish. It gets a bit  ..ewwww.. towards the end)

Train - Shake it up for Christmas (someone sent this to me on Facebook and it's just a really sweet video. Although I know I promised, no Christmas songs - sorry, I can't help myself this time of year ...)

And while we're at it (the music). Remember back in the late 90's there was a band called Olive with a hit single "You're not alone"? Don't know if it was a hit in the States, but it was very popular in England where I lived at the time. I was always a bit so-so about it, but a couple of years ago a Danish singer called Mads Langer did a cover version of it - and I like it much better than the original.  Just for fun, I've included the orignal and his version.  And that's it for today's Top Something.

- What makes you turn the volume aaaaall the way up right now?

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