Saturday, 13 June 2015

Stuff I did when I wasn't here, part 4 - revisited the 80's

This music video really has everything good from the eighties, apart from Cindy Lauper maybe.

It has pan flutes ....

It has Morten Harket, giving us that look and showing off his cheek bones

It has a guy playing a portable keyboard

It has the signature cartoons, made famous in the "Take on Me" video

And a dial phone .... hello nostalgia. Do you remember the satisfactory feeling of dialling the number zero?
All screen shots taken late late late one evening
when I was supposed to be asleep.
I wasn't, and now you're paying the price

And if you feel like a bit of 80's music, here is the video:

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N said...

Love it! I still have my A-ha album (yes, as in the big, round, flat piece of vinyl with the grooves in it)!