Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Happiness at the bottom of the glass

Today I have consumed, in no particular order (and not simultaneously, I hasten to add):

1 can of diet pepsi
½ bottle of white wine
my very first root beer float
- and Nyquil.

So far, I still don't feel my usual meee-ow.
So dear cold/flu/whatever it is that's sneaking up on me: Please go away. I do not have ze time.

Nyquil. It's green.  Eurgh!! :-(
PS - Ibs, this was what my sad little heart
settled on yesterday in the cereal aisle. Tiny samples ftw!

Behold, my very first root beer float. Which
tastes a lot better than it looks.
Occasion? March 1st. Today, the March Madness begins
(college basketball tournament)

Oh, and speaking of March 1st: Today is the first day of spring, yes?  Which means it is also time for the snow to go away. I love winter and snow, and very rarely moan about it (do I?) but really, when it turns the colour of Ye Olde Ashetray, it has clearly outstayed its welcome. So, please, be off with you - but do come back in December!!!


Ibs said...

Småprøvepakkemorgenmad ér da det bedste. Om end Trix lige smager en tand for artifizjal for selv mig.

God bedring med dig.

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeewwww - for en bunke skrammel sne. Jeg froetrækker sne på postkort!

Anonymous said...

Hee the cereal selection! But, I noticed you didn't have a sample of Fruit Loops...those will have to be an item for your next samples. :)

Yes, March 1st...should be more spring-ish than it was. As I was getting ready for work yesterday morning the weather dude was blah-blah-blahing about rain. Imagine my surprise when I opened the drapes and discovered my neighborhood covered with an inch of snow. Yes, in Portland...OREGON. That just doesn't happen. It was so odd to see the first spring flowers poking thru the snow.