Friday, 9 September 2011

Ear wax

Jeg skal tydeligvis have renset ører. For jeg troede, et af de små børn i søsters bofællesskab gik og sang "spejderpik, spejderpik".

Det viste sig, at han sang "spider pig, spider pig". Det er så åbenbart noget fra The Simpsons. Jeg skal vist til at se lidt mere TV.

I heard a young boy singing "spider pig,
spider pig". Which in Danish sounds
exactly like "boyscout dick".
In my defense, I've only watched 2
Simpsons episodes in my whole life and was
not aware of the spider pig's existence.
But I did dance to "do the Bartman" in
my early teens, and for that, there is
truly no excuse.


N said...

ROFL!! Oh my god, every time I see Spider-Pig now I'm just going to think "boyscout dick"...LMAO!! By the way, your post made me snort water on to my keyboard...thx ;P

The Blogless Sister said...

I totally deny all responsibility ;-)