Monday, 19 March 2012

Godt Nytår, siger du??

Lige præcis, Godt Nytår!

I morgen er det nemlig Forårsjævndøgn, og dermed også Iransk Nytår (også Afghansk, mener jeg). Vi, eller de, går dermed ind i år 1391.

@ N ~ tomorrow is spring equinox and therefore also the Persian New Year. It's actually quite a lovely celebration - loads of delicious food (goes without saying) and some interesting traditions. Notably the "Haft Seen" table, meaning the seven (haft) s'es (seen), 7 items that begin with S.  The items symbolise various good things you'd like the new year to bring - off the top of my head I can think of garlic [sir, pronounced seer] which I think symbolises medicine or good health, apple [sib] which symbolises health and beauty, and sprouts (lentil or wheat for example) [sabzeh]. I cannot remember what the sprouts symbolise but it's the only part of the New Year ritual I've ever done (and it was the wrong time of year...) because the last couple of years (since I started learning about the rituals that go with the Persian New Year) have found me in the US in the early spring. Or moving house...

 I've decided that next year, although I'm no longer living with an Iranian, I'll try and do a bit more. Not least because it involves a major spring clean and I know myself well enough to see the advantage of this.  And don't get me started on the food..... *mouth watering*

Anyways, this is what my not-quite-new-year-sprouts looked like:

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