Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Claws, again

I threw some hard-earned cash at some Vietnamese dude in downtown Aarhus, and he re-filled my nails (I had to. One of them broke after I neglected to remove my hand before slamming the cupboard shut. Also, there was serious regrowth or whatever you call it).

But really. Not only is it twice as expensive here as it was in KC. I've also found out that the purdy talons are absolutely useless for squeezing zits and picking my nose. Sheeesh!


Shelly said...

You are so funny! :) I was wondering if the acrylic nails were as popular in other areas, such as Denmark, and if you would be able to maintain them once you got back home. But, I thought that would be a silly "dumb American" question, so I didn't ask :)

~Shelly Hilger

P.S. Good luck in finding alternate ways to accomplish your zit popping and nose picking!! Haha!

The Blogless Sister said...

I don't think they're quite as popular here, but not exactly uncommon either. It might be cost-related; the cheapest refills are about twice as expensive as getting a full set done in the US (ouch).

I haven't found any alternate ways, so I've just had to give it up :-( he he